I started playing music at the age of 10, taking drums lessons in my little village in southern France. I just wanted to play "heavy beats" and music theory quickly annoyed me... so I got out of this with a good sense of rythm and the idea of what I wanted to avoid in the future! A few years passed by and I found myself back into music, with a cheap classic guitar in my hands. Guitar's noisy sounds just felt right to me and I will always remember the day I eventually got my electric!

One day, my friend Jeannot came home with this big guitar (back then I did'nt know yet it was a bass) and showed me the most amazing thing that I had ever heard : a good musician playing a loud instrument, but soft with his fingers... The whole thing sounded like a mix between drums and guitar. I thought this was exactly made for me, and this is how I started playing bass.

Over the years, my music tastes evolved from classic rock and blues to more punk and noisy bands (why not with an extra touch of jazz !) I realised I was really into independant music : I loved to listen to real artists, that make their music with their minds, fingers and knowledge, whatever the style of the music and it is still true to this day.

As I was involved in many projects as a bass player, I started to record music on my own : my albums first, then my friends ones and eventualy other bands. It is important for me to put everything together, to understand a whole band, a whole song, and not only my instrument. This is why I tend to consider myself more of a musician than a bass player, and my approach of recording is the same. My approach of recording and producing is to help and translate a band into a tape that reflects its spirit...but keeping in mind the idea that the band has its own magic and its independance.

My first real record Burning Matches with my first real band The Cranky Skins, recorded with my first real bandmate and now best friend Max Martins, came out in 2017. And today I share my "music time" between my bands, collaborations and recording in my studio :)

Nico Saurat Nico Saurat